Wednesday, February 9

33 birthday goals

This time I last year, I made myself a birthday list.  And I think I did okay.  I didn't hit some of the most important ones, like #4 or #13.  Of course number #14 and #15 are pretty important, too.

But I loved that I did complete #2 and #25.   Though I must say, that goal #5 was pretty fantastic.   

I will not make #1 again, that seems like playing with fire if you ask  me.

I admit today hasn't been the best of the days.  Two year olds don't care that it's your birthday.    They will throw temper tantrums,  cry and hold onto your legs all morning, and learn fun new phrases like "stinky mommy."  (Which will not be tolerated around here, even though the first time I heard I had to stifle the giggle and turn it into a frown.)

Luckily, my sweet mama came up and took me and the kids out to eat at The Cheesecake Factory.  Hooray for cheesecake on your birthday!  Esp. one you didn't have to make.  And now, we have enough leftovers to last for the next couple of days.   ( I forgot how HUGE their portion sizes are!)

I loved making the goals last year so I'm going to make 33 new ones again.  I think birthday goals are so much cooler than New Year's resolutions, don't ya think? 

1.  Finish reading through my Bible.   I have no excuse, especially when you count how many books I did read last year.
2.  Knit something.  I learned last year (thank you to my mother-in-law) but I haven't MADE anything yet.

3.   Make 2 quilts.  Why did I ever think I could make 4 in one year?!
4.  Lose the baby weight.  Can I still call it baby weight if he's two?
5.  Buy that outfit from Anthropolgie!
6.  Take that trip with my husband.

7.  Finalize the blueprints for our home remodel.  (Hallelujah!)
8.  Increase my raised garden beds to three.
9.  Start a compost bin.  (I know I live life on the edge, right?)
10.  Repaint the dining room, living room, and foyer.   (thinking that should count as three...)
11.  Learn a new language.
12.  Go to a concert.  The Avett Brothers again, or maybe Emmy Lou Harris or Allison Krauss....(honey are you reading this?  i'm giving you some hints.)
13.  Sew something that I can wear in public and be proud of it.
14.  Make new pillows for the living room.  (I figured I needed an easy one to ensure I have something to cross of my list!)
15.  Take my kids to the zoo.
16.  Learn how to embroider well.
17.  Learn Photoshop.
18.  Grow my hair long enough to donate it.  I did it once, I think I'd like to do it again.
19.  Finish the baby’s scrapbook.
20.  Buy some boots before they go out of style.
21.  Send birthday cards. 

22.  Get rid of the clutter in the attic.
23.  Print up all the pictures that I have stored in the camera.  

24.  Take the kids on a picnic.
25.  Remodel our master bathroom.
26.  Learn to make sourdough starter that actually works.
27.  Grow flowers in the yard without killing them.
28.  Buy more artwork.
29.  Make "date nights" with each of my kids, more than once.
30.  Find a way for my family to do some hands-on volunteer work.
31.  Read a non-fiction book, I tend to only do fiction.
32.  Relearn how to play Pachabel's Cannon in D on the piano, and not an easy version either.

33.  Learn to swim.  (I don't know how.  I'm scared of putting my head under water.  This will be a major accomplishment for me.)


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