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Reading List of 2010

2011 List

Pride and Prejudice
The Last Child-makes me want to put my children in a bubble
Sarah's Key-heart wrenching at times
The Forgotten Garden
Her Mother's Dream-LOVED it!
The Handmaiden's Tale-Bizarre.  Simply Bizarre.  I'm not sure what the author was trying to get across in this book.  I'm unsure of the "warning" she was giving.  The world prior to this novel didn't sound too inviting either.  I was not too impressed.
Her Daughter's Hope
Songs for the Missing
The Face
Gap Creek--this was a reread.  i still love it no matter how many times i've read it.
A Time to Mend
Little Beauties
Eat, Drink, and Be from Mississippi
Keep a Quiet Heart   loved
Same Different as Me
Let Me be a Woman
We are all Welcome, it was ok
The Art of Mending ...i did like this one though
Doesn't She look Natural
She Always Wore Red
She's in a Better Place
After You
His Mother's Son
Joy School
Hello Goodbye
The Year of Pleasures
Devil in the White City...i don't normally read macabre books, but it was riveting knowing this was a true story.
The Cookbook Collector..only read half of it.  i just couldn't get into it
The Historian...not just another vampire book
Object Lesson
How to Breathe Underwater
The Help....loved, loved, loved it
Acts of Love...good, but there was a mix up in the book that the editors didn't pick up on!  drove me crazy when i read, but i won't tell you about it. you'll have to see if you can spot it on your own.
Harry Potter books 1-7
Never Let Me Go
Wuthering Heights
Second Nature: A Love Story
True Grit


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