About Me

In 2008, my husband and I bought our second home.  The home was older than us and was in need in a lot of "love" to put it mildly.  Turning our home into one that we love has become a bigger project than we first anticipated.  Ahem.  We've removed wallpaper, we've had the ceilings smoothed, we replaced carpets, redone bathrooms, and painted, painted, painted.  We still hope to do major landscaping and adding on of  a couple of rooms.  And, oh, the kitchen, how I long to redo my kitchen!  I hope to take you along on our journey.  The journey of decorating, the journey of remodeling our home, the journey of building a family.

I believe a home should reflect you, not a magazine.  Your home should be decorated with what you love, not what the latest trends dictate.  I love colors.  Patterns make me happy.  I like a little whimsy in my home.  Saving money makes me ecstatic.  I love to cook good food.  I believe in bestowing grace freely.  I'm a follower of Christ.  I take all my passions and piece them together to create a home.


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