Tuesday, February 9

It’s my birthday!

red shoes
I’m 32.  That’s hard to believe.  When I think back to when my mom was 32 and I was 8, like my son, I remembering thinking how old she seemed.  (Sorry Mom!)  Now, I realize just how young 32 is.  I’ve been thinking all day about being 32 and decided I want to make a list of 32 things I want to accomplish over this next year.  So here goes in no particular order:

1.  Make it to 33.  (let’s hope that’s not a premonition!)
2.  Learn to knit.
3.   Relearn the piano.
4.  Read the Bible all the way through.  I’ve done many times before and it’s time to do it again.
5.  Potty train the baby.  (yippee!)
6.  Finish the emergency fund.
7.  Save enough cash to do the bathroom re-remodel.   Don’t ask.
8.  Participate in 5 craft fairs.
9.  Put up more vegetables and jams in the summer.
10.  Make 4 quilts (I don’t want to overwhelm myself!)
11.  Remove the clutter from the garage.  I can park the car in it, but I just cross my fingers I won’t hit anything as I pull in.
12.  Live intentionally.  Not a concrete goal, more philosophical.
13.  Lose all the baby weight that’s hung around.
14.  When I do #13, I want to buy an outfit from Anthropolgie and not bat an eye at the price tag.
15.  Go on a trip with just my husband.  I think that needs to happen once a year at the minimum.
16.  Learn how to play poker.  Not to gamble, just for fun!
17.  Work through my fabric stash!!!
18.  Become so good at running, I could outrun a bad guy if necessary.  I KNOW, my mind works in weird ways!
19.  Finish the baby’s scrapbook.  I’m SO behind.  I haven’t even started yet…shame on me.
20.   Become more proficient at Illustrator
21.  Make 100 sales on Etsy.  (That’s a minimum folks)
22.  Get rid of the clutter in the attic.
23.  Print up all the pictures that I have stored in the camera.  (sometimes I think film was better than digital)
24.  Buy more jewelry.
25.  Go on a nice week long vacation with my family.
26.  Pay for Christmas in cash.  We did this last year and it’s soooo much better that way.
27.  Teach my kids the piano.
28.  Get a sexy mama hair cut.
29.  Donate something big, I don’t know what yet.
30.  Find a way for my family to do some hands-on volunteer work.
31.  Get my products in another store.
32.  Have my kids help me create a mini garden.  Heaven knows we have a big enough yard for it.

The shoes in the picture have NOTHING to do with the post.  I just love my shoes!


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