Thursday, September 22


random #1
she's on! the quilting frame that is.  and it's just in time for the new season of parenthood.  i don't watch much tv as i find most shows are just not that appealing.  really, i don't care about who can sing and who can't, who's trying to find love by trying to act sleazy, i don't care for fake tv crime shows, etc and etc.   but i do like parenthood and amazing race, and the occasionally hoarders streamed through netflix.  when i watch tv i really would rather have something to DO at the same time, you know?  so it's perfect now that i have my daughter's quilt that needs to be quilted.  i'll handquilt this one since it's so special, like i did her brother's.   i LOVE how this quilt turned out.  it took a ridiculous amount of time to piece together because i lost some of the squares i had cut and refused to make new ones.  but everything has been found now and it's just so lovely!  i can't wait to show you how it turns out.  it's "her" in every way.

random #2
i made these lovelies recently for my daughters y-princess meeting.  i actually did something i saw off pinterest.  i usually just look and pretend that i'll make the recipe or wear the clothes.  they looked way cuter in person, trust me.  there was bad lighting that day.

my husband told me they were the best rice krispies ever.  apparently i managed to get the perfect ratio of krispies to marshmallow. the secret?  forget to buy a new box of rice krispies and just use the little your have left, but shh! don't tell anyone that juicy tidbit.

i used tootsie rolls for the stem and the leaves were made out of these "sugar sheets" i found at michaels.  they came in a whole range of colors and i just cut the leaves free handed, as if you couldn't tell.  cute, easy, and impressive to 6&7 year olds.

random #3
my littlest one turned three recently.  sniff.  i can't believe it.

he requested a yellow and blue cake with sprinkles.  well, actually he first asked for a banana cake,  but luckily i managed to change his mind. (whew!  dodged a bullet there.)

random #4
i wanted to show a picture we took.  it's priceless because it shows all three of my kids getting along and doing the same thing at one time.  

ok, ok, ok.  so sure, they JUST happen to be sleeping at the time, but still, they weren't fighting.  i'll take what i can get.  you gotta problem with that?


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