Tuesday, September 20

last night

yes, last night was WONDERFUL!  totally enjoyed hanging with my hubby under the stars listening to amazing music like this one, my favorite!

i loved that ray lamontagne didn't talk the whole time and try too hard to entertain.  it was all about the music, you know?  he didn't say much more than "thank you" after each song.  i told my husband last night about my super secret wish that I had way back in high school...if i could pick, i mean truly pick, to be anything in the whole world, i'd love to be able to be on stage, me and my guitar, singing folk songs.  you know, like being a singer/songwriter type.  not to be a "music star" because that is such a cliche.  

but despite what they say,  i'm here to tell you, kids, that you actually can NOT be anything you set your mind to become.  because i can't play the guitar, i can't sing, and i have no songs within me to write...so sadly that is one dream that will not come to pass.  sigh.

it's all good though, i am a stay at home mom which is just as cool.  plus, my babies loved it when i sang to them.  i could totally rock "hush, little baby."

i was sitting there last night with the man that i'm married to, i was thinking about how grateful i am we both like to spend time with one another.  without the kids, even!  lately i was talking with a group of women and none of them ever spent evenings out with just the husband!  one even said she wouldn't want to spend time alone with her husband.  i think she was only half joking...maybe not even that much.  (gasp!)  oh, i can totally talk about this because she doesn't read my blog.   i couldn't imagine NOT wanting to spend time alone with my husband.   well, that's not totally true, i mean i do understand how that could be.   but now that i know how wonderful even a sick marriage can become, i just want to encourage all the ladies to fall in love with their hubby.  

it makes my heart hurt.

i love spending an evening listening to music with grant.  i love enjoying a nice dinner out with him and just him.    i love hanging out around the house after the kids have gone to bed talking to my husband for hours (without the tv on, people!)  i love having coffee time with him on saturday mornings while we tell the children to go play while we hang out talking.  yes, we kick the children out of the room and tell me them to occupy themselves while we drink the coffee.  i want my kids to know just how important their daddy is to me.


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