Monday, October 10

a little shop update for you...

i've begun making baby bibs again.  i hadn't made them in a good little bit.  actually about the time my own youngest stopped wearing bibs.

but they're so darn cute to make!  i couldn't resist any longer and thought i would whip up a few more.   i love the appliqued ones the best.   and just you wait to see what other bibs are coming!  so stinking cute, or at least i think so.

and i'm using buttons as closures, because i think they are just superior to velcro and snaps.  plus, it's much cuter!  esp. since i mix and match the threads.   they are so much fun to make.  i love the bright colors and mixed up prints for the babies. 

ok, i have three places you HAVE to visit.

my sweet boys lego blog:
Legos in the Making  he likes to show off his latest lego creations.  if you have a fan in your house, let him take a peek at my sons blog.  and maybe show him a little comment love, please?!

my moms blog:
Eatin' in the Kitchen  you guessed it!  it's all about food.  my mama can cook.  and that's a fact.

my mom's etsy shop
Vintage Trunk  fun vintage finds, y'all totally missed your opportunity to buy the cutest pink carafe she was selling!!  

go on, go on, take a peek at those websites!


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