Monday, September 19

soaking up some ray tonight

ray lamontagne that is!  my sweet husband took my birthday list to heart and is helping me check some stuff off.  i swear i've been working on it even though i'm a bad blogger and don't mention them all.  one day i will.  one day i'll be able to do all sorts of stuff....drink a cup of coffee before it goes cold, pee without an audience, eat a meal without sharing it with little hands, finish a thought, have an uninterrupted phone call, and blog when the thoughts come to me.  one day.

well, i guess today could be that "one day" because my sweet mama and daddy have taken my kids for a couple of days so me and my sweet man can go see ray lamontagne tonight!  please tell me you know who he is!  he's a genius.   this parenthood episode cracked me up.

love this song...

i'm such a lucky girl, this year we also had tickets to see this man...

and this lovely lady....

i'm a lucky girl, i know.   totally knocked #12 off the list.


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