Wednesday, January 19

the new-to-me love seat

Let me tell you, I'm not a cuss-word kinda girl.  I don't even think them in my mind.  I have plenty of other ways to express myself without resorting to using those words.

But, my latest home decor project ALMOST sent me to the dark side.

I had been looking for a cheap chair or love seat to put in my living room.  My house has a separate living and family room and the living room has really been wasted space and was primarily used for my sewing area.  But being the first room you walk into our home, I have been really wanting to make it look inviting.  And I was not achieving that but I didn't want to spend money on furniture.  We're so cheap frugal.

One day my mom calls and tells me she can get a love seat for free.  Free!  I was so in!  I figured why can't I upholster a love seat?  I mean, I can birth babies, I can most definitely reupholster a love seat.  How hard could it be?  There was no way I was going to spend money to have someone do something that I could most surely learn by watching a video on you tube or looking up on google!  Right?

Pretty, ain't she?  Remember she was FREE!  Who passes up free?  Not me!

Let me tell you about halfway through the process, I started thinking maybe I could have just lived with that ugly tapestry print.  Oh my stars.  This was the worst project I have ever undertaken!  The big problem is that the previous upholstery job included a lot of extra pieces put together with double piping trim and I wanted it to be more simple and not so fussy.  Which meant I was having to come up with the pattern pieces on my own.   In case you don't this about me, I 'm not a planner when it comes to projects.  I am a winger, as in, I'll just "wing it."

Yeah, this wasn't something to "wing" you first go round.  Yes, I've recovered dining room chairs.  And yes, I've reupholstered the coolest flea market find ever.  But, they were a piece of cake compared to this.  I've never done a piece of furniture of this magnitude.

I promise you I will never recover it again.  I will pay someone to cover that beast.

 She did turn out pretty though ....if you don't look too closely.

Trust me, you, too, could do just as good a job as me! ;)


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