Monday, April 6

look at my chair!

I bought this fab 1960s (?) chair from the flea market, oh, maybe 3 or 4 years ago. I adore it! I loved the fabric and everything. I knew eventually I would have to recover it since it was the original fabric and was really looking worn out. I finally decided on recovering it and found this beautiful fabric. Shamefully, it took months before I got started on this. I had never reupholstered a chair like this before and had to wait on a good time for my mom to come and help me.
I'll spare you all the, mistakes...that were made. There were a lot. A whole lot. I also won't tell you how many weeks...that this chair has been sitting in my living room dismantled and disrobed. But, I finally finished this darn thing on Sunday and am so happy with it! I adore the fabric, love the white piping (my first time, thank you very much!) and was surprised how the black frame really pops with the blue. Now, I need to purchase some green from the collection to redo the floor pillows I have.


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