Tuesday, August 3

Goodwill lamp find!

I've needed another table lamp in my family room forEVER!  The baby had knocked, ahem...pushed, over the little side table sending my lamp over and into the wall length windows cracking a window pane and breaking the lamp. Luckily he's cute and was only about 9 months old so.  Now, he's nearing two and I thought it was about time to replace the thing.  Replace the lamp that is, not the baby. :)

I've been looking for awhile for a small lamp and was cute and not too expensive.  Um, that's hard.  I had to go do a Goodwill drop off which usually means a quick looksie to see what's there.  This time they finally had a lovely little lamp and it was only $5.  It looked pretty good by itself, but it was too creamy for me.  (Excuse the poor picture!)  I wanted white which made this a quick fix.  A little primer, a little white spray paint, and she was done. :)  I went through my fabric stash and recovered an old lamp shade I had on with the cutest little scrap of green fabric.

So happy!  If you don't look too closely, that is.

Using spray adhesive makes me feel like I have the gluing skill of 3 year old!  I swear, I get that stuff ALL over my hands and have the worst time getting it even and smooth.   But, really with my kids who break lamps and decorate the lampshade themselves, I'll probably only get a few months out it anyways!

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