Thursday, August 5

today is brought to you by the letter "H"

Yes, we watch too much Sesame Street around here, but anyways.  I've been wanting a cute letter H (for our last name) to decorate around the house for a long time now.  Being the frugal minded people we are, though, I couldn't justify spending a lot of money on one.  So I made one.

Here's what I did and it's super simple.

I took a paper mache letter and a pretty piece of scrapbooking paper. Trace the letter to the back side of the paper.  Then I used a trusty can of spray paint from our stash to give it a good coating, luckily I had a coordinating color.  I used the tricky can of spray adhesive to stick the paper to the letter.  Once dry, I used a mix of white school glue and water to paint over the whole thing.  (It's cheaper than modge podge, like I said we are frugal)

I saw where someone else had pinned a cute little paper flower on a letter and LOVED it.  So I cut out three layers of "petals" to create my flower.  I glued a thumbtack to the back of a fabric covered button I just happen to have on hand (lucky me) and viola!

Though, if I'm totally honest I don't know if I love it.  I mean I like it, but do I LOVE it?  Regardless, I'm sure the baby will find it and tear it up in no time.  Seriously, he's already thrown the phone at the lamp leaving a black mark.  He's cute, but he's a stinker.


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