Tuesday, May 5

Mama Treasures

Sometimes your children do things or give you things, that you know will stick with you always. Funny stories and memories that you store up in your heart as little treasures to remind you of their littleness.

Apparently, Natalie, whose 4, decided the lamp needed a little color.
I'm not sure why I'm not more angry over this than I am. I did indeed love the lamp. It was a difficult search to find a little lamp that would fit perfectly on the little table. Luckily for her, her mama is pretty crafty (or at least tries to be!). Of course, she got a firm talking to about the importance of only coloring on paper.

Then Caleb, whose 8, gave me an early Mama's Day present. He spent some of his hard earned Awana points to buy me these two little treasures. He is so proud of his gift to me! Who knew I could love a faux crystal cross and diving dolphin figurines so much?!

But before you think he is always so sweet, here's what happened the next day. We're about to rush out the door to drop him off at school, when this occurs:

Mama, "Natalie, we'll leave as soon as Caleb brushes his teeth."

Natalie, "And after he cleans up the water he spilled."

"He spilled water?"

"Yeah, the water the ants were in?"

"He spilled ants in water on the kitchen floor?"

"Yes" spoken with a what-don't-you-understand attitude.

As I walk in the kitchen he's mopping up the mess with my good kitchen towels....

I still don't understand.


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