Thursday, January 31

how can january be over?!

so start with a super busy craft show season, then throw in all the kids home for 5 weeks at christmas time, add in a couple of illness, get everyone back healthy and back to school for a few days and then throw in three more weeks of illness and then you end up right here where i am at today.

i'm so thrilled that things are finally back to normal for the family.  it's like i've left a dark cave and am no groping my way in the sunlight because i'm not use to its brightness.  i'm having to get back in the habit of dinner planning, maintaining a clean house, and middle school math homework (honestly i have never had to find the surface area of a triangular prism since i left school, but whatever, i'm having to pretend to my son that YES it is important to know.  ugh) .  i've even started filling back up my etsy shop. shocker, i know.  so if you're kind enough to have read this blog post you can be rewarded for an amazing offer- buy one item in shop and get one half off.  place your order and let me know you actually read my blog post and then i'll modify the price for you before you pay.  it's a little thank you.    stay tuned for some more recipes, more home improvement projects (like a major decor change in the master bedroom!), and more family life.


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