Friday, February 1

February Shop Update

i listed a good number of new and different items last month.  i had so much fun making these tote bags.  i took a heavy duty canvas and added all sorts of fun fabric to make these bags. i don't use canvas tote bags that are premade, i often  find i don't like the quality of those.  i have several different designs, but this "read" bag is my favorite!

don't you love this cowboy and indian fabric!?  i love the vintage feel.  

 i do have some new dish towels listed, as well.  i'm in the process of stitching up quite a number of new towels, but some are listed already.  this little birdie if a personal fave of mine!  i love the black outline stitching and the detail is creates.

one question i receive from people is whether or not the trim holds up well in the wash.  have you ever wondered that yourself?  well, in the effort of full authenticity i wanted to show a picture of two of my personal dish towels, one with pom pom rim and one with ric rac.  i've used these in my kitchen for months, and they get used, too.  mine are not just for pretty!  i didn't iron these, because i wanted to be shown in all their used glory.  the trim holds up so well!

the pig towel is precious to me.  the fabric had once belonged to my grandmother.  she gave me her fabric stash shortly before she passed away.  i treasure it!


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