Thursday, April 14

reason #2

i love being a mom and getting to watch my children's sense of humor develop.  my kids make me laugh every. single. day.

a little background for you to know is that i have an incredible fear of snakes.    it's beyond a phobia.  my kids know this and they like to use it to their advantage.  i think i'm a pretty smart mama, so i don't allow those big rubber realistic snakes in this house.  i KNOW what they will do with them!   and after three kids, peeing in my pants is a real possibility.

however, i have allowed them to have tiny plastic snakes that are not at all real looking.  still my kids have managed to scare me with them... so maybe i'm not so smart after all.  whatever.

the other night i walked into my bedroom and saw this on my dresser.

then i saw this on my nightstand.

i chuckled when i saw those, because they didn't frighten me in the least.   i was beginning to feel like my kids had lost their prankster abilities.  usually, they will slip a slightly larger snake that could be mistaken for a baby snake inside my book.  so as i lay down to read at night a little snake falls out of my book onto my stomach!  clever, right?   i totally flip out and throw the snake across the room. do you know how many times they have done this to me?!  too many to count, i tell you, and they get me each and every time.  i'm not kidding, i'm such a baby when it comes to snakes.  

so there i was the other night, chuckling over their innocence thinking that snakes out in the open like that will scare me.   little did i know, those two snakes were just a distraction for something else. so as i'm smiling to myself, i turn down the covers to crawl into bed and this is what i see staring at me.

yes, i know that  here in nc we do NOT have tiny three inch cobras running wild.  but it still got me.  and yes, i gasped and jumped.

see, i told you i'm such a baby when it comes to snakes!

i love my kids.  they make me smile.



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