Tuesday, April 19

how does your garden grow?

it's a gorgeous day here, so i loaded the two at-home kids and headed to the local nursery.  i wanted to fill up my  vegetable garden beds and pick up a few happy flowers.

i kinda have a black thumb, but every year i try to grow some food.  and every year the crop is minimal at best.  i still don't like talking about the tomatoes from last year.  sad.  so incredibly sad.

one year i'm going to get right, so watch out.

most of my plants are started with seeds because i'm cheap like that.  i've got peas, tomatoes, peppers, lettuce, cucumbers, carrots, dill, and cilantro already growing.  i picked up some strawberries, oregano and watermelon plants today to finish up a corner.  i'm hoping to get a third bed built so i can mark it off my 33 things list!   can we say "not enough time in the day," esp with a 2 year old under foot!?

peas that desperately need to be staked!
veggies, the happy red flower whose name i can't remember and .99 marigolds!  score!
anyways, back to the nursery visit this morning.   i had all my little lovelies picked out to take home when my 10 year old spotted something he just HAD to have.  meet chomps, our new "pet."  yep, i bought it and i got the super cool mom award for the day.

by the time we got inside the house, my son already had a little fly ready to feed him.  apparently, the little fly had a death wish, because he landed on my sons arm as he was walking inside the house.  i kid you not.  we put the little broken-winged fly down into the pot and watched it crawl all over the venus fly trap and until it finally made it's way inside a pod and SNAP! just like that the jaws of the plant closed up on the fly.   one of the coolest things ever!

so he tried again with ants.  one almost escaped.

has anyone ever had success growing one indoors?  i've been reading about them and i really hope we don't kill it.  if i pay $10 bucks for a houseplant i want to live for a good little while,  you know?

PS.  i swear to you, we're not cruel people who enjoy watching little bugs perish!


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