Wednesday, March 30

on being a mom

yes, there are difficult days as a mom.  and yes, sometimes i have a fleeting desire to follow my husband right out the door to work when 2 out of 3 children wake up rather grumpily.  and occasionally, there have been some days that are filled with crying and not necessarily from a little one, either (ahem).  despite all the difficult moments, not for an instant do i regret my decision to stay home with my children.  it's an incredible feeling that continues to fill me with joy.

i ran across a blog series that a childhood friend did recently and decided that i was going to totally steal her idea!  (i hope you don't mind joanna!)  i hope to capture some of the reasons why i love being a mom.  they'll be in no particular order of importance.  i can't imagine i'll post them regularly, because let's face it, i can't seem to find the time to post anything regularly!  but here's the first one and a pretty special one, too.

i get to be the one to kiss away his tears


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