Thursday, December 9

the prettiest tree ever!

My family ALWAYS buys a real tree.  I doubt I will ever be able to join the fake tree club.  I like a real tree.  I like the smell.  I like picking out a tree.  I like that our tree is always different than the year before.  I like supporting local farmers.   (I admit I do have a little inkling to buy a fake tree whenever we take it down, or when we forget to water it for a few days and it starts to look a little sad.)

This year we picked out a really pretty tree.  Look at the shape!!  Isn't she just beautiful?

We only put the best ornaments on our tree. ;)  She has the most precious ornaments made from pipe cleaners, beads, and construction paper hanging from her branches.  I say others can keep their fancy magazine worthy trees.  I want to hold onto my children's ornaments for as long as I can!

I distinctly remember one year me and my brothers telling my mom she simply COULD NOT put our old handmade ornaments on the tree anymore.  I didn't understand then how special they were to her.  Now, I look at my babies ornaments they've made through the years and realize how quickly that day is coming when they tell me to NOT hang their kindergarten beaded decorations on the tree.  One day those ornaments will be boxed away for good never to be hung again.  One day they will be exchanged for breakable, delicate Christmas ornaments.  One day they will not be brought out with an "Oh, I remember making that one!  Let's hang it right here in front!"   One day my children will not make an ornament to hang on my tree.

But, maybe I can pass them down when they have their own families and their little handmade ornament can become the one that is always hung first.  This is the ornament that has the honor of always being the FIRST to be hung every year.  It's my husband when he was little!  Love the popsicle sticks, it's just a classic!

So for now I cherish every handmade ornament that hangs from our tree.  And I eagerly anticipate the new ones that will come home from school and church this year.  I look forward to the new ones my littlest babe will make in the coming years that will join his big sissy's and bubby's on our real, family Christmas tree.


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