Wednesday, December 8

5 of my favorite fiction books to curl up with

Have you noticed the list down there at the bottom right of the page?  It's my ever expanding list of books that I've read this year, give or take a few that I've forgotten to write down.  Several in fact, I just can't remember there titles.  But I know I read several books after the girl with the dragon tatoo and bloodroot.  Oh well.  I won't let myself obsess about it.

As you can tell from that list, I LOVE to read.  I'm addicted to it, honestly.  I can't fall asleep if I don't read for a bit.  Reading gives my mind a break from all the thoughts that scream in my brain.  I read until I'm falling asleep.  Something I'm sure the sleep experts would say is a no-no.  But books are my sleep prop and I don't feel like changing it now.  So in no particular order, here's my current fiction favorites:

(this is way harder than i thought it would be!)

1.The Truest Pleasure by Robert Morgan
Love every book of his that I've read!  So beautifully written, it makes me appreciate my marriage and embrace the differences between my husband and I.  Being a mountain girl, I seek out books that are written about people from the North Carolina mountains, like this one.

2.  Your Roots are Showing by Elise Chidley
This is another great marriage story even though at times I just wanted to scream at Lizzie and James, both.  I love the line from the back of the book that says, "...she begins to wonder if the best part of marriage starts after the fairy tale ends..."  With so many marriages seemingly falling apart at the slightest provocation, I wish more people realized that marriages can become stronger when you survive the hard parts.  My husband and I got married amidst the hard parts, so we never had a fairy tale to begin with! :)  But, I think we have a stronger marriage than most.   Don't think this book is a serious one though, it's quite fun to read!

3.  Back When we Were Grownups by Anne Tyler
This is another of my favorite authors, with ties to North Carolina too.   I really want the house that the main character lives in.  "Once upon a time, there was a woman who discovered she had turned into the wrong person."  That is the opening line.  I think that's one of the best opening lines of a novel that I've read.  Who doesn't from time to time look around and think, "how'd I get here?"  Please tell me at least that you have, I'd hate to be the only one!  Love, love, love!

4.  All this and Heaven, too by Rachel Field
I think this was originally written in the 1930s and it's based on true story.  I had NO idea what to expect with this book.  It was an old hardback with no synopsis of the story plot.  So I was completely taken by surprise, which I love!  I don't like to know the key elements of a book before I read it, I'd rather be stunned than expecting.

5.  Gone with the Wind by Margaret Mitchell
Of course, I HAVE to mention this book!  It's so much better than the movie.  Seriously.  One of my all time absolute favorites.

This list might change next week depending on what I read. :)  Now, it's your turn!  Let me hear your favorite books so I can add it to my never-ending books to read.


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