Friday, December 10

easy peasy christmas decorations

I want to show you to of my easiest and favorite decorations I made this year.  So simple and I just LOVE them!

First are my yarn trees.  I actually bought two styrofoam trees last year with the hope of putting ruffles around them.  Cute idea, right?  Well, I couldn't get mine to look right at all.  Of course when I finished my yarn trees I found that Lindsey (she's got a great name!) at The Pleated Poppy did some fabric wrapped trees that are adorable.  Scroll down a bit to find them on her mantle.

I still love my yarn trees though.  I simply glued down the end of a real nubby yarn at the base of the tree and started carefully wrapping the yarn, gluing every so often.  At the top I just kinda wound it around until it looked nice before gluing it.  If you're using a colored yarn, you might want to paint the styrofoam first.   See that little glittery church?  I saw it first at Thrify Decor Chick and simply had to stop by the Wal-mart and pick one up.  And I hate the Wal-mart, but a $1 for a cute little church was worth it. :)

Second, is this to die for feather wreath.  Cuteness, right?  Well, maybe some of y'all don't like it, but that's okay. :)  I took a simple green styrofoam wreath and spray painted it white.  I took two packages of feather boas and wrapped my wreath.  Three would have been a better length, but I couldn't find cheap feather boas so I worked with just two.  I then just pinned a pretty polka dot ribbon to the back and there ya' go.  I simply love it so much, I just might keep it year round.

I can't get a good shot of the lovely thing as seen from afar!  The room has become quite dark and all pictures simply do NOT do her justice.   So, just enjoy a good closeup of her feathery goodness!

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