Monday, December 6

Shop notes

This past weekend my sweet little young'ins went to my parents for the weekend.  OMGoodness, did I ever need the break!!  Yes, I know that one day I will miss having them home.  Yes, I know how blessed I am to have healthy, active children.  Yes, I know how wonderful it is that I get to stay home and take of them.  So don't tell me all that, I know and I cry when I think of them leaving my nest.

However, this mama needs a break every once in awhile.  I don't know how long it's been since all of them have been away for the weekend when I didn't have a chore to do like painting or going away with my husband.  I was so excited to have a weekend to do whatever I wanted.  And I wanted to sew.  :)

Something I haven't done in weeks.  I got my fix this weekend!  I made lots of pillows for the store.  They were so stinking fun to make, too.  Here are two that I managed to get listed today:

 I simply ADORE the ruffles!  and polka dots!
I'm in love with the red and aqua combination!

There's still time for Christmas shopping with me, too!  All items will ship out within 1-2 business days, depending on what time of day you place your order.   Click over to my facebook page to get a fabulous coupon for savings!

Now, I'm off to finish my online Christmas shopping!


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