Friday, September 3

Taste of Summer

I know summer is almost over, but this sandwich makes me think of summer.  It's so fresh and clean tasting.  If something can taste clean, that is.
I know what you're thinking, "It's just lettuce!"  And I would tell you no, it's not JUST lettuce.  It's the best sandwich in the world!  I kid you not.  My grandmother, Big Mama (and yes, there's a Big Daddy, too!), would always fix a lettuce sandwich for us when I was at her house.  To me there's nothing better than iceberg lettuce piled high between two slices of homemade bread with mayonnaise, and don't be too stingy with it either.

My mom said that I used to want her to pack this in my lunch all the time when I was young.  But she was so mortified to send me to school with a lettuce sandwich afraid that all the teachers would think we're too poor to afford lunch meat! :)  So funny!  Now, I worry what the teacher's think of me when my daughter only wants a yogurt tube and a couple of grapes in her lunch.   Full circle.

Of course, if you're looking for more "advanced" meal solutions you should stop over at my mom's blog, Eatin' in the Kitchen.  She's a fantastic cook!  Mom really had no choice.  She's been a preacher's wife for over 30 years.   Trust me, whenever there was a covered dinner at church EVERYBODY knew what the preacher's wife brought.  It had to taste good and it better NOT be store-bought! :)  

He's the only one of my kids who appreciate the lettuce sandwich.


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