Wednesday, September 8


If you find yourself day after day with the Amazing Velcro Toddler clinging to your legs and two other children who think you are the Entertainment Director that must provide them with fun every day over their track out, and your poor bewildered husband walks in on you trying to unsuccessfully put Elmo pj's on a screaming baby you might run to the bathroom sobbing from sheer exhaustion.  

When all you can tell him when he asks what he can do is "please don't 'need' me right now."  

When the next morning you discover the day is headed in the same direction as the disastrous day before, then it's time to give yourself permission.

Permission as a mom to lay the 2 year old down extra, extra early for his nap.

Permission to let the other two children watch a movie and have an extra, extra long time playing their DS.

Permission to cocoon yourself in your bed in the middle of the day reading the only book that has ever made you laugh out loud and still does no matter how many times you read it.

Because when you close the book a moment (and yes I read the whole book this afternoon, it's a fast read!) before you hear the toddler wake up which is a moment before the children's movie is over, you emerge from your cocoon a much happier mama who is ready to love on these three sweet peas.

one of my favorite pictures of all time


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