Tuesday, September 14

Old skool...

...or antiquated?  My dear hubby finds it humorous that I actually LIKE having my recipes and grocery lists on paper. (Gasp!)  I know, I know, it's much cooler to have everything on your ipad or whatever.  

Honestly, the few times I've used my laptop in the kitchen for an online recipe has been a total nightmare!  First, there's NO counter space to begin with, so the laptop takes up precious real estate.  Second, I kept worrying about splashing grease or sauce, dusting it with flour, or spilling water on it.   Not too mention the helpers I have who wouldn't hesitate to touch the screen with sticky fingers.

Um, no thanks.  My life is stressful enough that I don't need to worry about ruining expensive technology all for the coolness factor.   It's no surprise that I, who has never texted in her life (no lie) likes to kick it a little old skool. 

I actually had time (gasp! again) to list some new designs in shop today. 

I just LOVE the mushroom design!  Terribly cute if you ask me.

The layer cake design matches some gift tags I have in stock, too.  


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