Monday, September 27

Craft Show

I had my final craft show for the year, unless I go crazy and decide to sign up one soon.  They are so MUCH work!  I spent the past several weeks sewing at every chance I could get trying to build up enough inventory. Unfortunately, it was mid 90's on Saturday and most sane people choose to stay home in the air conditioning. :(  Not much I can about that.  So, while Saturday didn't go as I, or any other vendor, had hoped at least I'm prepped up for Christmas.   I'm trying to turn it into a positive thing!

Gorgeous apron that sold!
 I loved the way the pears looked all piled up.  I don't think the picture does it any justice.

These next couple of weeks will be devoted to posting all kinds of new items on Etsy, like this acorn towel.
And just because I think it's funny, this is how the area really looks. :)
I have to shoot pictures on my fridge because my stove is rather old and not so pretty. :)  I just have to push all the magnets out of the way!  Does every mom's fridge look like that, or is it just mine?  I know decorator people always tell you to take the magnets of the fridge, but seriously people I NEED something there to keep the littlest one busy.  I can't imagine my fridge without the colorful assortment of magnets.


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