Thursday, September 30

The Orange Room

the little pillow was made by his sister for his birthday. precious!
Sorry for the picture being so dark.  It's rained for days and I'm tired of waiting for good light.
Remember forever ago when I painted the children's rooms?  Well, finally I'm going to post the before and after of my oldest's room.  He switched with my daughter to have his own room and wanted an orange room.  And, oh, how I LOVE it!!

I'm having trouble find a before picture but you can click this link to see some older pictures from when it was my daughter's.  I used a toasted pumpkin color from Lowe's that had the primer built in and the coverage was spectacular!  I only needed two coats of the deep orange, no extra priming involved! :)  That made me a happy mama indeed.
The curtains were from his room before and the rod came from the bathroom.  The wooden furniture belonged to my husband when he was a kid.  I might not esp. love it but it has meaning and it's free.

I picked up those black shelves at Target so he could have a display space for all his special things.  As much as I would have LOVED to pick out things I only wanted, it is HIS room and he needs to make his own.  
It's his Washington, DC building collection from the flea market.  Love those!  They match a statue of liberty one given to him by his Mamaw and Papaw.

The shark specimen is one of those things I could live without.
But, I do love the vintage books that the shark is on.
Another things is the chair that I don't really love, but he really wanted a chair in his room.  It was only $20 at the Target, so I gave in.  Now, I'm glad I gave in because it makes him so happy.  Plus, it gives his dad and I a place to sit when we go into chat with him at night.
Caleb finally has space in his room for his desk!  Which really means more space for his clutter collections.  And no, just for the record, that's not a real gun!  Just a toy gun from my husband, that was back before they put the orange tip on them.  
My favorite part is the closet where he stores all his legos.  He can just shut the door, and the creative mess is gone!  During the school day, little Ian finds his way in there to play. But, shhhh, don't tell Caleb!

I know it's a little picture heavy, and they weren't the best pictures at that.  I'm just so thrilled with how it turned out!  

His room is so cozy and inviting.  When I tuck him into bed at night, I just want to snuggle down in the bed, too.  I walk into his room and Caleb has the classical music playing softly (Yes, he LOVES classical music! He's older than his years.), the lamp is on reflecting such a warm glow from the orange walls, and he's busy reading a book and then I know I got this room right.  It's perfect for him! 

(Except for the lavender wall in the closet, that still needs to be repainted!)


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