Friday, July 16


I've been crushing on ruffles lately.  A few weeks ago, I made a new messenger style bag for me (pics to follow one day) and I added the cutest little ruffle to the front.   Fast forward a week later, I was laying in bed, unable to sleep, when I had a crafty epiphany!  Why don't I add the the same style of ruffle to pillows?  I could barely sleep that night thinking about how cute it would be.  Of course the next day, I forgot ALL ABOUT IT!   I kid you not.  It wasn't until the following day that I remembered my cute idea.  Oh, how my brain works.  I'm only 32, but some days my brain functions like I'm 82, or maybe 4.

I love these!  It's a little happiness found in a pillow.  :)

Cute right?  You know want some!  And I know, I can't wait to make some more. :)


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