Wednesday, July 7

homemade play dough

We're kind of stuck in the house these days.  One child is sick which means EVERYBODY has to stay home.  It's brutally hot which means no one wants to go outside except for a few minutes early in the morning.  I'm sorry, but I melt when it reaches 99 degrees before noon.  Ugh... I hate hot, hot weather like this!

I've been trying to find things for the kiddos to do that keeps all ages happy reasonably satisfied.  I pulled out the trusty play dough recipe today when I discovered the play dough had all turned to rock.  I love this recipe!
1 c flour
1/2 c salt
1 c water
2 tsp cream of tartar
1 T cooking oil

Combine all ingredients and cook over low heat until thick.  Don't get discouraged if it takes too long, just keep stirring!  Once, it's firmed I like to give the dough a good kneading on a well-floured surface until it's a good consistency.  Then simply add the food coloring of your choice!  Quick and easy.

It might not look like in the photo, but there is a difference between the purple and the blue!


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