Tuesday, June 8

32 Things update

When I turned 32, I made a list of 32 things to accomplish by the time I'm 33.  I thought I'd update y'all on what's been accomplished so far.

#6 Woo-hoo!  Finished that Emergency Fund!  Thank you Dave Ramsey!
#7 Not only have we saved up the money for the bathroom re-remodel, but it will be done within a week!  I can't wait to show the final results.  Love it!
#25  We enjoyed a fabulous beach vacation for a whole week during the last week of May.  I love a good vacation.
#28 I've had two now actually!
#32  We have quite the garden growing.  I believe we'll have a bumper crop of squash this year!

I'm working actively on many others, but can't say I've accomplished them yet. Like I've bought some pieces of jewelry, and have worked on potty train the little one and whatnot.  But those 5 (yikes! is that all?)  have been accomplished.  I think I need to get busy!!

And because I love to make lists and I love stationery here's something I've added to my shop to help you with your own lists. :)


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