Thursday, March 25

Meal Planning

I do love grocery shopping.  I love going and looking through all the produce, seeing the fancy olive oils, sampling whatever is out, discovering new products.  Yes, I can get into A LOT of trouble at the grocery store.   Luckily, I usually have a very antsy 18 month old with me who is only as good as the samples are in the store.  The babe really helps to keep me from blowing our grocery budget.  That and having a good plan.  I'm one of those who writes out the whole month's menu, that way I only have to do one great big huge shopping trip with only a few small ones in between for fresh produce, milk and whatnot.   I want to prep the meals for the whole month by stove is 20 something years old and is on it's last leg, not to mention I only have 2 eyes that work a little bit.  But, that's a-whole-nother sob story for a different day.  Yes, I plan to replace but not until it has completely died out.  I think I have a sick obsession to see just HOW bad it can get.

Towards the end of each month, you will find me sitting on the kitchen floor with recipes, grocery lists, freezer lists, and a monthly menu all sprawled out around me.  My husband told me the other day that I should have everything on the computer and then I just have to import the grocery list each month.  Now, that might work great for some people, but NOT me.  If I got on the computer to do my list, I'd get sidetracked checking out facebook, and then see what new pictures are on flickr, and then I'd get looking at someone's blog, and then it's all over.  I'd be lost out in blogland for the next five hours hour with only "milk" on the grocery list!   I will stick to my old fashioned way of pencil and paper, thank you very much!

In that spirit, I just listed a fabulous menu planning set!  I'm so in love with my little polka dot cherries.  Don't you just love them?!  (Don't answer that one if you disagree with me.)  So if you're trying to get control of your families food, this is a way great way to start.  There's an adorable market list, sweeter than cherry pie weekly menu planner, and cute as a button recipe cards!  Can you tell I love them?  And don't worry if you need a monthly planner or a large size list, I can make that for you.  It's what I use, so it's ready for printing.


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