Monday, March 29

a good read…

Hmmm....I had pictures all ready to keep your interest while you read about my list of books, but for some reason I can't seem to get them uploaded.  Sorry, you'll have to look through this without any pictures.  Boring, I know!

I promise I do more than just read.

Here are the books I’ve completed reading in the past few weeks:

Finding Alice by Melody Carlson
Great book on mental illness!  Coincidentally, I was reading this when my hubby and I saw Alice in Wonderland in the theaters.

Night by Elie Wiesel
Heartbreaking, as it should be.

Unveiled by Francine Rivers
I read this one in one night.  (I’m a fast reader)  As always, Francine Rivers does not disappoint!

A Steadfast Surrender by Nancy Moser
Um…hmmm…well…not my most favorite.  I mean I GET what the author is saying and all, but sometimes I couldn’t tell if she was being funny in parts or if she was trying to be serious.  During certain scenes, I just thought “Oh come on”.

Sacred Marriage by Gary Thomas
This is a MUST read for all marriages.  It really struck a chord with me.  Just read it.  Trust me, just read it.

Nourishing Traditions
I don’t know if I’m THERE yet, but I’m definitely more challenged to rethink what I feed my family.   I’m going to give it a go to try and change our fats for example, and maybe try some homemade yogurt.  I know, though, that I will never go the whole liver, sweetbread, and what-not route.  And I’m not talking about the cinnamon-swirl kind of sweetbread, either.  No, thank you.


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