Wednesday, March 3

a little craftiness

The kids are being taken care of just wonderfully  by their Mamaw and Papaw for a few days while I had planned on doing major yard work.  Somehow I missed the weather report that it was going to be cold, wet and dreary.  :(  Lucky for me I also had a couple of crafty projects up my sleeve.

First, let me say I love my laundry room.  I hate laundry but I love the room.  I saw somewhere while I was perusing home decor blogs a cute laundry room with the word WET on the wall.  I thought it was precious and opted to put the word WASH on mine.  The letters are so stinking cute!  I got them at AC Moore.  They came finished white and I luckily still had some hot pink paint left in the garage.  So happy!

Next I decided to repaint this little hutch that had been in my dining room up until a few months ago when I put it in the garage because it just wasn't working for me.  You can see it here in this post.  See what I mean, just not quite what I want.  I started to paint it the prettiest color yellow named Oyster Bisque.  And I started painting and it started to look like it belonged in a baby's room!  I was so mad and frustrated with the thing.  I kept painting it hoping I would like the color, but no.  To make matters worse I had decided to brush the paint on knowing a spray paint would look better with the spindle legs and all and the paint was not looking smooth at all.  So I headed on to the store which is sooo much easier when they are no children to pack up, bless their hearts.   I stood in the evil Walmart aisle forever trying to decide between Celery green or Yellow Bright Idea spray paint when I had a bright idea all of my own!  I happened to look down and what did I see draped around my neck:

It was my favorite scarf ever with the Celery green of the paint can and the Asparagus green of my dining room!  My decision was made and I'm tickled pink with it!

Yes, yes I need a knob and more gee gaw to place on it, give me time!  :)  

Notice the little daisy bowl at the top?  I just got it a few days ago from a thrift store they try pass off as an antique store and I love it.  Just love it.


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