Monday, November 23

I won the MOST awesome contest!!!

It's been forever since I won something!

Here's the story. I found Lisa Leonard jewelry early last week, showed it to my husband and made huge hints towards Christmas. A couple of days later I asked my oldest sweet boy what my husband was getting me for Christmas. Sneaky, I know. But I just HAD to find out if he was getting me the necklace I wanted. Of course, he spills the beans, just like I knew he would. It turns out I was getting tickets to my favorite band for New Years Eve. Totally shocked that MY husband would come up with a getaway for the two of us to go see a concert! Just love him! I couldn't be more excited about going. You don't understand, he is the most unromantic soul there is and he admits it. So, this secret trip which isn't so secret anymore took me by surprise!

But, a part of me was a tiny bit saddened that I wouldn't be receiving the fabulous necklace I had picked out. The next day, I checked my email and realized I won a certificate from over at the Simple Mom site. I had forgotten all about it! I get my necklace after all! Yippee for me!

I love her jewelry and really want this one

**let me edit this to add, that I love my husband dearly! He read this and thought I had "dogged him" about being unromantic! :) He's terribly sweet and I'm so thankful for him. I wouldn't change one thing about him. Each time he does something so sweet and out of the blue like this gift, he takes my breath away.


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