Tuesday, November 24

about the previous post and the man that I love...

Yesterday, we had icky weather outside and even ickier attitudes inside and I'm afraid my previous post didn't convey completely how grateful and excited I am towards my husband's Christmas gift to me. I quickly put down a post, but with all the stress of the day I was unable to think clearly. You've been there right? If you scroll down, you'll see I edited it to try and make it clear... but I don't know. The last thing I want to do is minimize my husband and his incredible thoughtfulness! I'm ecstatic about our New Year's Eve trip and my heart soars at the thought of him secretly planning this trip simply because he loves me and wanted to make me happy. I couldn't imagine a better gift than the one he chose because I get to spend some wonderful time with him without the distractions of home. It's a chance to reconnect, (and a chance to have some awesome fun!)

So let me also say...He's my protector, he's my shield, he's the one I run to when I'm sad. He's there to hold my hand and to carry me when I can't go on. He encourages me and he believes in me. He sacrifices for us and he willingly gives to us all that he has. He's my best friend, he can make me laugh like no one else can, and he wipes away my tears that I try to hide. He helped me create the three most beautiful children that have ever been born. He finds me beautiful. He's so much more than these pitiful words. He tells me all the time that I'm too good for him, but I have him fooled.

I am the one who doesn't deserve him.


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