Tuesday, December 1

Christmas Decorating

I hope y'all had a fabulous Thanksgiving! Mine was good, but I don't think I turned out the feast I had been expecting. I blame it on my 25 year old stove that seems to be a little off. The poor girl's a little tired, I'm afraid. But, I'll just forget about the less than stellar Thanksgiving dressing and rolls, and focus on Christmas decorating instead.

I tend to do the same thing year after year when it comes to Christmas decorating. Do y'all find yourself doing that, too?

It's the same frou frou draped around the dining room lights with the baubles hanging down....

A cute little Santa scene....

Oh, and let's not forget the football playing Santa...

What, you don't like football? Maybe you prefer a snowboarding Santa instead....

I'm adding some great ideas I've come across in hopes of breaking out of my decor rut. :)

Thrifty Decor Chick has such great ideas and they are do-able, too!
There's a really cute Christmas tree tutorial over at Pretty Ditty.
And this topiary is absolutely precious!


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