Monday, August 17

quilt a long

To my credit I DID finish this quilt top in time thank you very much. I just haven't been able to get a picture of the top yet. It's either been raining or too blazing hot to get outside when I had someone to hold the quilt for me. I just have to say that I LOVE THIS QUILT! Love, love, love , love it. Ok, well, there is one teeny tiny thing that irks me about it, but I won't point it out. I'm not, and I can let it go. Esp. since the top is done and I can't possibly cut out out the one block and fix it.

I won't.

Even though I have thought about it. "It" as in fixing the one block that screams at me. Right, that would be too much?

I wonder if any of you can guess what it is? If you can, well, you can call yourself the Master of Details, you sure can.

But, I'm letting my perfection tendencies go and simply loving this quilt top.


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