Friday, August 14

make me proud...

I was asked if I would be willing to donate some of my lovely, if I do say so myself, tea towels to go inside of PR kits for 1000markets where I have shop. I feel quite honored to be chosen as these kits will be going to people all in the blogging, print, and tv craft world. I only was able to part with 10 little towels though as I'm gearing up for another craft show.

Crossing my fingers the ten I gave will go those who will love them and make me famous and then I can make millions of dollars on tea towels and then I can open up my own fabulous fabric store so I that I can sit amongst bolts of beautiful fabric and know that I am "she with the most fabric"... oh, ahem, excuse me I was caught up in the moment there.

Anyways. Make me proud little ones.


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