Thursday, August 20

Creepy Toys and Mommy Guilt

So I've been going through all our old toys and clothes for an upcoming consignment sale.

(BTW, if you're in the Cary/Apex, NC area, you simply must stop by the Twice as Nice sale this Friday and Saturday to pick up great deals on children's toys and clothing. And make sure you follow them on facebook or twitter so you know about upcoming sales. Fabulous!)

As I was going through my daughter's toys, I ran across some that I find truly creepy. And, no, I'm not talking about plastic snakes which my kids love to hide in my bed in hopes of hearing me scream.

The newest is the Polly Pocket dolls and pets with interchangeable heads and bodies.

Seriously. That's disturbing.

Then there's the Barbie dog that was gifted to my daughter by my oldest brother.
First, Barbie feeds the dog a treat.
And then, you guessed it, the dog poops the treat out.

But what's so disturbing is that Barbie is to scoop the poop into the doggie trash like a responsible pet owner. But look what is on the other side of the trash can. The doggie treat box!
All the poop is diverted from the can into the food box. The poor dog has to eat his own poop.

There is something wrong with that.

All this brings me to the Mommy Guilt and allows this to be the longest post ever. I was at said consignment sale with the three kiddos unloading our unneeded items for sale. A friend asked if I was going to have bring all three of them tomorrow to shop as well. I said "Unfortunately".

Unfortunately, I have to be with my children. The two youngest were oblivious. But, I noticed my 8 yr old son look up at me and I couldn't meet his eyes because I realized what I had said and didn't want to see the hurt in his eyes.

The worst part is that I didn't even feel that way. Bringing my children on errands with me is not a hindrance, they are not a burden. In fact they are a real help and a joy. Yeah sure, there are those days when they are not on their best behavior. I mean, there was that one time at the Jo-Anns I would gladly erase from my memory. But, aren't we moms always complaining about needing an extra set of hands? Fortunately, I have 2 extra pairs of hands to help grab items, watch the baby and keep up with my car keys.

I don't know why I said that. I should have taken the opportunity to compliment how well behaved and helpful my children are to me instead of implying that they are a stumbling block.

So after scoops of Baskin-Robbins, (which they didn't even ask for, it was simply to appease my guilt) I let them know how helpful they were today, which they truly were.

And I imagine tomorrow I will use them to help carry clothes, snag baby equipment before anyone else, and help keep the little one from getting stepped on. In return, they will spend their own money to bring home more creepy toys and I will gladly let them.


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