Wednesday, July 29

sewing can be such a chore...

I've been working on a project now for, ahem, quite awhile and am SO excited that it's done. I'm quite giddy over having it finished actually. Have you ever been in the middle of a project you really wished you hadn't started, but once you get on it you HAD to finish it because it's needed?

I had the bright idea to make some more cloth diapers. Scratch that, actually this girl I know had the bright idea, and apparently the desire, to make cloth diapers for her soon to be arriving baby. And, as if I didn't already have enough to do, I thought, "hey I could use some more diapers, too, why don't I make some?"

Now, I love my cloth diapers. Even after yesterday's incident which involved a baby wriggling the velcro free and making a really nasty mess on the dining room floor in front of the older children who, bless their hearts, were trying to eat their breakfast. This mama so deserved some hazard pay for THAT one.

But Back to the diapers, I bought my friends excess PUL and microfleece and bartered on etsy for some birdscloth. And the stuff sat around in my sewing room for awhile. And then it sat some more. I figured I'd better get started on these darn things before Ian's potty trained or I'd never hear the last of it.

I think I did pretty good, and isn't he just a cutie!

I used this pattern for the prefolds and this pattern with some of my own modifications for the fitted cover. I used Aplix instead of snaps and I didn't use FOE, but instead sewed elastic onto the seam allowance and then topstiched all around, thus encasing the elastic. Which I'd be delighted to give more info on if someone needs it.

I'm so happy these are done, you have no idea! I made 10 diapers, which hopefully he'll still fit into until he's potty trained. I'm glad to have the extra diapers and so relieved I saved us like $130 or so by making my own, but I swear I WILL NEVER take this project on again! :)


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