Monday, July 27

I do like being a domesticate. I don't mean the cleaning and laundry kind of domesticate. If you came to my home, you'd know right away THAT'S not what I mean. :) I'm talking about the domesticate who likes to get back to the basics of homemaking. I love sewing things for my home instead of buying them. I love quilting and creating warmth for my family. Hanging the clothes on the line is the only part of laundry I enjoy, besides seeing an empty laundry basket which is truly a rare sight in this house. I prefer to bake bread rather then pick it up at the grocery store. You know, the back to your roots kinda girl. A personal challenge of mine is to put up more fresh produce during the summer. I really haven't done it much at all, and sadly I'm kinda starting late in the season to really plan this. Next summer, I'll be prepared to put up some strawberry and blueberry jam for sure.

Anyways, so I was at the farmers market last week and on a whim I saw a box of canning tomatoes and snatched them up. Canning tomatoes is so incredibly easy. Or at least to those of you who are not working on an ancient stove like mine that only has two burners that don't ever get quite hot enough. But that's another story.

I thought I'd share some pictures. Seeing my tomatoes all lined up in cans makes me blissful.

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Oh, and by the way, I'm totally digging this free actions by Pioneer Woman for photoshop! This is the "seventies" actions. Love that setting!


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