Thursday, April 16

sigh...Easter clothes

I've been pushing off this post all week. Last week, I was really anticipating writing about the Easter clothes I was making for me and my daughter. But, sadly, things didn't turn out as expected and it really bummed me out. I was anticipating making me a really cute wrap skirt. I love wrap skirts esp. as I'm fighting to lose the extra weight from the empty baby house. Then I was going to make a cute tiered skirt with ric rac for the Chick-a-dee. I made hers first. She picked out the fabric, she planned the ric rac and agreed on the design. I thought she had done a fabulous job, and she's only 4! I stitched hers right up and then started on mine. Typically, I ran out of time, but that's another story. I was really pleased, though, that I had done Natalie's in time for Easter. (Please, excuse the horrible pictures, it really is quite cute!)

She looked so cute all dressed up for church in her sundress from THE GAP. What you wonder happened to her handmade skirt her mama made with LOVE, no less? Little Bit decided she didn't want to wear the skirt instead she wanted to wear an old dress from last year. Being, the Blessed Resurrection Morn and all, I decided I wasn't going to fight her over it.

Later, I asked her why she didn't want to wear the skirt we made. And do you know what she said?

She didn't want anyone to make fun of her.

Bless her heart and all, but where did I go wrong? Gotta love her. :)


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