Monday, March 23

too much quilting...

I'm in the middle of tackling several huge projects, apart from what I'm sewing for upcoming craft shows. I don't know why I do this...I guess I'm a glutton for punishment. Right now, I've got three big quilting projects that simply NEED to get complete. One is on my machine right now. It's my quilt that will be donated. I'm happy to finally get the top done and am about halfway done quilting it.
Next, I have my quilt I started ages ago which was supposed to use up a good portion of my stash. (sadly, I still have quite the stash of fabric)

And last, this beast, is a fireplace cover. What is that you ask? It's a cleverly designed (but not by me) quilted slipcover that ties around my fireplace to protect a little noggin as he explores his world. I figure I have about another month before Ian begins crawling. So, this keeps getting pushed back. Maybe, once I get this done I can explain how to make it. Because I know I will NEVER make one to little machine can barely handle making the one!


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