Friday, March 13

not like martha...

I admit it, I'm nothing like Martha, as in that Martha. Try as I may, my collars aren't nicely pressed, I don't wax my wood floors, and my cakes are not anything to write home about. For awhile there, I was going to give up being the Domestic Goddess I so longed to be. But, then I came across this book. One quick looksie, and I just knew I had to snatch it up!
I love the book because it doesn't make me feel inept. Instead, I feel inspired! Sure my quilts may not be the stuff of blue ribbon winners and my cakes don't always look pretty, but I have so much fun creating them. And that is most important of all.

I'm hoping to cultivate that same spirit in my children. I want to them to be free to create without worrying about whether or not the end results are "perfect". I just want them to create freely.

Today, it's nasty and dreary outside. So my daughter and I made a little cheer of our own inside. We baked up a lovely little chocolate cake. As we were mixing up the icing, we thought let's add a little color to it. Natalie picked green, a nice little spring green. Of course, the cake needed sprinkles. The only sprinkles we had in the house were snowflakes. I love the juxtaposition of new spring grass green and the crisp white snowflakes. :) She didn't realize that the top was completely open and didn't have one of those sifting screens over the bottle. So it looks more like a blizzard than a gentle dusting!
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