Wednesday, August 8

new items in the shop!

in addition to taking a blog break, i took a creative break from my etsy store as well.  okay, maybe a "creative break" sounds a little cooler than it really was.  it was more like a "i'm too tired at the end of the from running after a three year old to even think about sitting in front of the sewing machine" kind of break.  i might as well call it like it is.

but since said child will soon be entering into preschool, i thought it was the perfect time to kick things in gear again.

i've added several new dish towels like the pear....

...and these sweet little piggies.

these napkins with the peace signs are my daughter's favorite.  i love the heart applique on one side, because 

i so love this pillow!  i'm thinking of making a couple for our couch.  i think it's the pops of color against the bright white that make me so happy.

and another pillow for those of you who prefer a more modern and not so girly look.  i'm hoping to continue to add new things each week, so make sure to keep checking back!


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