Monday, January 23

things i'm loving

1.  i love these slipper socks!  i bought them off etsy and i adore them.  they're aqua with red flowers!  how can you not love them?!  cute, cute, cute.

2.  i have always loved drinking a chai latte but i never thought to buy it to have around the house.  i only bought on the occasion i was near a coffee shop.  then one day i made the big mistake of picking up a box of chai tea concentrate.  huge mistake because now i often have a little "me" time sipping my chai tea latte out of this  travel mug because i like to keep it nice and hot.  of course i'm wearing the aforementioned slipper socks.

the kids like chai, too, so i have to hide it from them.  that concentrate doesn't come cheap, you know?  one day i'll bother to make my own concentrate, but for now i'm loving the ease of not making it.

3. as always i'm loving this little guy.  such a stinker.

4.  i just noticed this picture of my two oldest from christmas when they realize that we got them nook colors.  we NEVER buy things like this at all.  never, never, never.  but we decided this year to let our kids feel the fun of a splurge.  of course we were still frugal and bought them as refurbs,  but we wanted to really surprise them with an unexpected treat.  it was worth it.  i love those shocked faces!


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