Wednesday, December 14

some days

some days are made for fort building and hanging out late into the morning in your gammies (that's pajamas for those who don't speak our leftover baby language days).

oh, don't worry, the happy kids didn't stay that way for long.   the happy times around here aren't over until someone ends up crying....or yelling.  the big kids are home for a month long break from school and not everyone is enjoying it.   ian who is used to having the run of the house all day is having a little difficulty with the adjusting.  caleb and natalie are used to spending the day with same age peers and aren't used to a little one's antics.  but, see, i like to place only the happy pictures on my blog to put forth the false the notion that my kids always get along, never misbehave, rarely yell, and that i don't have to make up rules like no stabbing people with knives.   (no fear, it was just a butter knife and no, no one in this family watches stuff like that on tv, including me.  so please don't assume i let my kids watch violence on tv!  i promise!  we don't even have cable!)  it's better to pretend that it's all puppy dogs and rainbows and happy kids.   i like to live in my delusional world.


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