Thursday, December 8

decking the halls

i thought i'd finally get around to showing our tree trimming pictures.  we always get our tree the saturday after thanksgiving.  my kids look forward to this tradition all year long.  we head over to the farmers market and make the search for our tree.

(insert cute pic of kids running around the different stalls)

(insert another cute pic of children surrounding the perfect tree that will come home with us)

we turned this into a regular little music streaming through pandora, freshly popped popcorn, coke in bottles (even for the littlest one).  it was actually really fun, no one fought and we only broke one ornament.  hooray!

sweet girl got the privilege of hanging the first ornament.  somehow the kids seem to remember who gets this honor from year to year.

those two boys pretty much camped out there in front of the popcorn bowl.  we did need the tall one though when it came time to put the star on. ;)


(insert gorgeous pic of finished tree)

one day i'll get better at remembering to take my camera places and to take enough pictures to capture the moment!


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