Friday, December 30


as my husband likes to say, i totally "rocked it out on a couple of christmas gifts this year.  really i did.  i made this little lovely for my mama.  can i say how much i love this without sounding all braggy?  because this quilt turned out so fabulous.   

400 little squares and barely a dent in my fabric stash.

the beautiful back fabric.  i love the red.

she was actually so lovely, that i made two quilts for christmas.  one for my mama and one for my mama-in-law.  but i'm so mad at myself for not getting a picture of that one!  it took me up until the last morning to finish a few stitches and i was trying to hurry to wrap it and forgot to take the picture.  boo!  it was the same design but the beauty of using scrap fabrics is that it makes each quilt totally unique.    i really, really liked this quilt and am tempted to make me one!  


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