Friday, November 18

make this for dinner!

i had a pork loin thawed out yesterday, but i was looking for a different way to cook it then i usually do.  so i headed over to foodgawker.  (have you checked that place out?  i have a huge list of foods i want to cook!)  i found this lovely recipe.  i had to pin that bad boy.

Pinned Image

seriously, bacon wrapped pork.  you CAN NOT go wrong, right?  it was so juicy and flavorful.  everyone loved it, even my little girl who could be known as "the world's pickiest eater."  no, your child has not won that daughter totally owns it.

i just served it with green beans and some rolls i had picked up and were surprisingly good.  i was supposed to have rice to serve with it. but apparently i pulled the rice out, brought broth to boil, and then put the rice back up in the pantry.  did you miss what i did?   i didnt' add the rice to the broth!  i didn't notice until i went to spoon the rice on the plates.  i know think my mind is turning to mush.

anyways, go make it.  you won't be sorry.  we loved it.  (you can follow the pin link above to find the recipe.)


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